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Client Testimonials

“WeatherBank’s team has consistently provided us with the best data and weather forecasts.”
Union Gas Limited

"[WeatherBank] has excellent service and support and addresses our needs as if we’re their only client.” – Greenville Utilities

“The products offered by WeatherBank have proven to be a very valuable asset with regards to our decision-making process. Timely updates on local conditions and forecasts are essential in conducting safe operations.” - Lockheed Martin

"Due to the deregulation of the gas industry, [weather] information is crucial in our day-to-day operations of supplying our customers with gas at the lowest price. WeatherBank goes that extra step to meet our specific needs on time and at cost.” – Oklahoma Natural Gas

“WeatherBank’s personnel have always responded to my requests timely and to my satisfaction.” – Texas Retail Energy LLC [Wal-Mart]

“[I am] very pleased [with WeatherBank]. During our initial product evaluation [WeatherBank was] extremely accommodating and continues to be.” - KUOO

“[WeatherBank’s] Products have been consistently excellent for the past several years that we’ve been a WeatherBank client.” – MidAmerican Energy Company

“Service is excellent and the people friendly and helpful.” - US Army, Yuma Proving Ground

“I’ve been using WeatherBank for more than a decade and find it very reliable.” - WTWO TV

“THANK YOU ... for all the assistance you provide to RG & E. We look forward to working with you in the future.” – Rochester Gas & Electric

“Creating a custom forecast for thousands of broadcasters and newspapers is a tremendous job.” “Real-time weather information is crucial to broadcasters, so we needed a partner with first-rate meteorological and data management capabilities. WeatherBank is that partner.” - Associated Press

“The ability to track precipitation and predict its future movement and development is crucial to our operation. It allows us to make educated decisions regarding work stoppage. What makes it even better is the fact that we can take the state of Missouri and have the counties outlined, show major highways and interstates, and show the cities that mean the most to us on our custom weather map. We are very pleased thus far with what we get from WeatherBank for the money we spend. The custom weather page accessible on the Internet is outstanding. We had a DTN satellite system in our main office. For us to setup Internet access to DTN weather would have cost us a fortune. Now we can have all of our remote job sites up-to-date in terms of weather information through the Internet at an affordable price. I would not recommend WeatherBank to my professional peers because I wouldn't’t want them to have the same weather forecasting advantage we have.” - Bloomsdale Excavating Co., Inc.

“ the CAISO, we depend on accurate weather forecast updates. As Shift Managers, we frequently are contacted by WeatherBank employees and given reports concerning changes in the weather throughout California. We depend on the professionalism and diligence of this group regarding their reports. We are pleased to say that we have received wonderful service from this group. They patiently explain any changes and are always prepared to answer our questions. We wanted to thank them for their service. We will look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.” - California Independent Systems Operation

“[WeatherBank] is very responsive to requests and service.” - California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection

“Customer service and technical support does a great job 100% of the time.” - CRN International

“Very good to excellent [because of] being able to dedicate a PC that gathers and displays information on a continuing basis. “I have been with WeatherBank for more than 5 years and your technical help folks have proven to be one of your biggest assets.” - US Forest Service, Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest

“As a broadcaster, I find WeatherBank's products the best available; the products and services have been consistently excellent for the past 20 years that I’ve been a WeatherBank client.” - StormFax

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