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WeatherBank gives you access to the weather information you need through flexible, affordable, online weather solutions. Choose from a private weather web site or have information delivered to you automatically by Internet FTP(File Transfer Protocol), XML code, or Email.

Let WeatherBank Host Your Private Weather Web Site

Our WEATHERBRIEF®-NET CUSTOM WEB SITE SERVICE makes it easy for everyone in your office to have constant access to the latest weather information they need most, from custom weather forecasts written by WeatherBank's own certified meteorologists, real-time lightning data, custom Radar and Lightning base maps to storm watches issued by the National Weather Service and other agencies-all in one service!

As a business professional whose needs require industry specific weather information, we start by working with you and your staff to choose specialized products from WeatherBank's full compliment of weather data and our proprietary products to create a custom product menu unique to your companies requirements. Our web sites are then individually designed and constructed to compliment the look of your company web site or corporate marketing program. Each Web Site is given a specific URL address that can be accessed by authorized multiple users using any Internet browser. Your Custom Web Site is hosted and maintained by WeatherBank on our network and can be altered or changed to accommodate various marketing campaigns, project or technical changes.

Whether you log on from home, the office or in the field, you're just a one click away from the latest weather updates on the World Wide Web with WeatherBank's WEATHERBRIEF®-NET CUSTOM WEB SITE SERVICE.

FTP, XML Code or Email Data Delivery

If your business requires a more automated schedule to receive weather information instead of having to connect to the web for the weather products you need, let WeatherBank deliver the data to your network by our WEATHERBRIEF®-FTP SERVICE.

This service may include WeatherBank's full compliment of weather data, custom forecasts, historical weather data, hourly weather observations, High Resolution Doppler Nexrad Radar maps and more to your automated programs on your network by FTP either pushed or pulled from our network to yours. Transmission times, file formats and security measures are all prearranged and presented upon what makes sense for your company, specific departments, or unique software. We operate four independent FTP servers on our network so you can rest easy knowing that the timely delivery of our products is never an issue.

We can even help you create new XML-enabled applications for your intranet, web site, or other device through our WEATHERBRIEF®-XML SERVICE. Contact us for more details.

Or, if you prefer, we'll arrange it so that you can retrieve the data electronically by Email.

Call For a Free Consultation and Service Demonstration

Give us a call in order to fully understand the variety of ways WeatherBank can meet your weather forecasting needs. A free consultation, one-on-one with a live person, is available by dialing 1-800-687-3562 or send us an Email and a courteous customer service representative will immediately respond. There's no cost or obligation for the consultation and service demonstration, and you'll have a clear understanding of what WeatherBank can do for you.

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