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Meteorological Consulting Service

With WeatherBank's Meteorological Consulting Service, you have a complete team of professional meteorologists working for you around the clock, providing custom weather forecasts, weather data, and other weather and climate information. When you need additional insight on the severity of a current event, a heat wave, or just want to hear an expert opinion, we'll provide the extra support and answers that you demand.

Exclusive Weather Forecast Products

WeatherBank's meteorologists provide daily, intermediate term, and long-range weather forecasts that focus on meeting the specific needs of your business. Our hourly forecasts are a result of a number of proprietary routines that we've developed through the more than 30 years of being in business.

Our proprietary forecast products originate from the output of raw model data obtained from all government agencies, which we have statistically corrected to remove any biases. The corrected outputs are then enhanced by assimilating the data with our interpretations of prevailing climatological trends (such as El Nino and La Nina). These processes further reduce any remaining variance and result in superior forecast products. These final products are then reviewed and refined by our staff of seasoned and experienced meteorologists and represent products with the greatest possible accuracy and precision.

Our products can be provided in an hourly format extending out any number of days into the future. Plus, daily predictions can be produced for the several months or even for two years out into the future. All data are updated automatically and can be provided in multiple formats simultaneously to benefit those companies employing software solutions from multiple vendors.

You can also choose to have your products displayed on our proprietary WeatherBrief®-NET Service, sent over our secure, digital satellite feed through our WeatherBrief®-DIRECT Service, pushed or pulled from our network by WeatherBrief®-FTP Service, or sent over our WeatherBrief®-XML Service.

Telephone Support That's Second to None - 24/7/365

As a WeatherBank client, you always have someone to call when you have questions about how the weather will impact your business. At any time of the day or night, your staff can call a direct, toll-free number to receive our meteorologists' analysis of changing weather conditions. You get real answers from real professionals.

WeatherBank's expert staff of meteorologists will also alert you as severe weather approaches your company's asset locations and operating territories, and provide the information on how to best respond to the severe weather event. Once our team activates our alert services, they will remain in constant communication - day or night, weekend or holiday - updating your staff with the changing information. It's all part of our Service.

To Become A Client Or To Learn More

Our courteous and professional Customer Service Representatives are available to discuss your specific needs during normal business hours (Central Time). You may reach them by calling 1-800-687-3562 or send us an email. Your questions are always welcomed and appreciated, as your well-being is our only priority.