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Retail Product Examples: Heating- and Cooling-Degree Day Maps

You can receive WeatherBank's exclusive line of heating- and cooling-degree day graphics with a custom web site. These maps include both the HDD and CDD values, plus the Departure From Normal (DFN) values for each. Base maps are available in national, regional, and state views, as well as custom client base maps.

Forecast maps for today and the following 7 days are updated daily. Forecast maps for 9-20 days from today are updated twice a week.

Heating-and Cooling-Degree Day Maps

Heating and Cooling Degree Day (HDD) maps are available for any region of the US, individual states, or the entire nation.

Heating-and Cooling-Degree Day Maps

Departure From Normal (DFN) Heating Degree Day maps compare HDD forecasts with normal values (30-year standard) . These maps are also available for Cooling Degree Day.

Heating-and Cooling-Degree Day Maps Heating-and Cooling-Degree Day Maps