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Personal Weather Product Examples: NEXRAD Doppler Radar Images

Man-Modified, Composite Images

Composite data are presented over base maps for the entire nation, any one of seven regions of the US, every state, and any custom map you'd like us to create. Composite data has been gathered from many, individual NEXRAD Radar sites (the exact number depends upon the size of the base map) and seasonally filtered for ground clutter and anomalous propagation by our meteorologists. These data have a resolution of approximately 2 kilometers and are suited for most applications.

We can construct custom base maps for displaying Radar data that can include your property and/or asset locations, transmission lines, substations and service area definitions. Please call us at 1-800-687-3562, if you need more information on our custom base maps.

All Radar images are updated every 6 minutes. Both static and animated images are available.

Shown below are examples of composite NEXRAD Doppler Radar Displays:

Radar Images Radar Images Radar Images Radar Images Radar Images Radar Images Radar Images Radar Images