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Personal Weather Product Examples: Single Site NEXRAD Doppler Radar Images

Single-Site Data and Images

Single-site NEXRAD Doppler data are presented on GIS base maps with pan and zoom capabilities, along with overlays of various demographic data (such as county outlines, roads and highways, cities, etc.). These data have a resolution of approximately 1 kilometer are best suited for the most demanding applications. Additional capabilities include our three, predictive applications for projecting storm morphology (our Storm Predictor®), total rain accumulation from a storm (Rain Predictor®), and the identification of hail swaths (Hail Predictor®). Each of these applications have the ability to predict approximately 60 minutes into the future. These proprietary applications were developed at NSSL and are currently being enhanced to extend the forecasts out several hours in time.

We can construct custom base maps for displaying Radar data that can include your property and/or asset locations, transmission lines, substations and service area definitions. Please call us at 1-800-687-3562, if you need more information on our custom base maps.

All Radar images are updated every 6 minutes. Both static and animated images are available.

Shown below are examples of single-site NEXRAD Doppler Radar images over our GIS base maps. These maps offer special capabilities, such as pan, zoom, and drag features, near term predictive applications, attributes that can be toggled on and off, and much more. The examples are static displays, but if you would like to see examples of animating files - please call us at 1-800-687-3562 or send us an email.

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