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There's no question that accurate load forecasting requires accurate weather data. From historical weather data to hourly weather forecasts, you need reliable weather information and you need it now.

We can address your company's unique needs by providing you with access to a complete line of weather products, including:

Historical Weather Data
Weather Data That's Pre-formatted to Fit Any Model
Hourly Weather Forecasts
Redundant Data Delivery Options
24-Hour Meteorological Support

Historical Weather Data

Before you can forecast future energy loads and price trends, you need to clearly understand the past.

WeatherBank's historical weather database gives you that understanding with access to all the available information that's available for every US reporting station, for the full period of record. Furthermore, we've gone through the data and corrected it for spurious and missing values. It is, without question, the most accurate and reliable historical database available.

From temperature and humidity values to wind speed and direction and more, WeatherBank will deliver the information you need via email, FTP, on floppy disk, CD or hard copy. We can also post our historical data to a private web site and produce any unique calculations you may require from our historical weather database.

Weather Data That's Pre-Formatted To Fit Any Model

Now you can get your weather forecasts and historical data delivered to you already pre-formatted to comply with any energy load forecasting software.

Whether you use NewEnergy's Nostradamus®, RER's MetrixND®, Henwood's software or a model you have designed and constructed on your own, we pre-format our weather data for a seamless integration and increased reliability. We can even provide the data in multiple formats, affording you the luxury of testing and working with many models simultaneously.

Hourly Weather Forecasts

We can provide your company with hourly weather forecasts for any location in the United States and Canada. Our forecast data can extend out for the next seven day, six months, or even two years into the future and the data can be sent directly to your network or posted on a private weather web site for viewing - or both !

Every weather parameter you need is included in WeatherBank's custom weather forecasts: temperature, humidity, cloud cover, heating degree day values, probability of precipitation, wind speed, wind direction and more.

Redundant Data Delivery Options

WeatherBank's complete data delivery solutions ensure you'll always have the weather information you need, no matter when or where you need it.

With several different data delivery methods to choose from, redundant data options, and custom data formatting, WeatherBank gives you the flexibility you need and the quality of service you expect.

You can choose to have forecast data sent directly to your network via Internet FTP. Then view the information from the office, your home, or in the field by accessing a private web site designed, hosted and maintained exclusively for your organization, by our IT department. Or, add a WeatherBrief®-DIRECT Service and receive both real-time weather products and forecast data via satellite. Our DIRECTService offers you "5-9's" of uptime and reliability.

24-Hour Meteorological Support

Our meteorological team is available on a 24/7 basis for answer to any question or concern, via a toll-free, 1-800 number. It is always a part of our service to take the time to discuss with your staff our interpretation of changing weather events or our long-range weather forecasts.

When you receive WeatherBank's custom weather forecasting services, any of your personnel can pick up the phone and call one of our meteorologists directly - any time of the day or night. Plus, when you call WeatherBank there are no phone mail hurdles to jump through or lines to wait in. It's just real answers from real professionals. Really fast.

No matter what your weather needs are, WeatherBank is your total weather solutions provider. Service fees are always affordable and vary according to the level of service you desire. Call us toll-free at 1-800-687-3562, or send us an email, or visit other sections of this web site for more details on how to receive our Products and Services.