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Emergency Management Services

WeatherBank has a variety of weather information services to suit your needs as an emergency management professional. Choose from one or more of the following services and you'll benefit from WeatherBank's experience and quality products every day.

With WeatherBank's WEATHERBRIEF® Services, You Can Receive:
  • NEXRAD Doppler Radar Displays Updated Every Six Minutes;
  • Customized Radar Maps That Cover Your Area or Forest;
  • Fire Danger Maps, Red Flag Fire Warnings and Burn Forecasts;
  • Custom Weather Forecasts by WeatherBank's Staff of Meteorologists;
  • Redundant Data Feeds At No Additional Charge with a regular Service Agreement, and much more.


WeatherBank's WeatherBrief®-NET Service allows you to access real-time weather information on a 24/7 basis, through a custom, weather web site designed specifically for your agency. No special software is required; just use the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer® or Netscape Navigator® to view your web site from the office, home, or out in the field.

WeatherBank designs, hosts and maintains the web site for you and all information is updated automatically as it is received and processed by our network. Click here to view examples of products available to you through your custom WeatherBrief-NET account.


Use WeatherBank's FTP Service to connect to our network via Internet File Transfer Protocol. Download graphics, text products and custom forecasts to be used in your internal operations and/or as a backup for other WeatherBrief® Services.


Use WeatherBank's WeatherBrief®-DIRECT Service to receive weather information 24 hours a day via a private connection over the Internet. Information is sent directly to your Windows®-compatible PC or network server. Customize your personal weather menu from our list of more than 40,000 different weather products that suit your specific needs and interests. All products in your list are automatically updated as information is received via satellite transmission.

Software features allow you to set audible alarms via a human voice and automatic flags to alert you when severe weather products have been issued or updated (via the screen or printed as a hard copy). NEXRAD Doppler Radar images update automatically every six minutes. We can also design and construct a custom base map to display data in the area that effects you most.

Custom Weather Forecasting Services

WeatherBank offers custom weather forecasting services to all government agencies. WeatherBank's team of meteorologists work around the clock to monitor changing weather patterns and can alert you in the event of inclement weather or changing conditions.

In addition, when you subscribe to WeatherBank's custom weather forecasting services, you receive FREE access to WeatherBank's staff of professional meteorologists for consultation on any weather event, day or night, weekend or holiday.