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Custom Meteorological Consulting Products

WeatherBank's meteorologists can create custom weather forecast products that are designed to meet the specific needs of your company. These products can include the weather parameters that affect your operations the most and can be formatted in a way that best suits your financial model or advertising application. Our forecast products can also include as many forecast or verification days as required by your operations.

To add even more value, our data files can be automatically sent to your network (or retrieved at ours) via Internet employing FTP and ingested directly into your forecasting models on an hourly basis. The same data and graphic products, can then be posted to a private and secure web site that's designed, hosted, and maintained for your company by our staff, on our network. Under this scenario, your personnel will be able to view and use the data anyway you want.

Presented below is a small sample of our custom forecast products. To learn more about our forecast products and to discuss your unique needs, please see our Industry-specific sections on our web site or call us at 1-800-687-3562.

Custom Forecasts Custom Forecasts Custom Forecasts Custom Forecasts Custom Forecasts

We can provide our forecasts to your particular sales period (be it days, weeks, or months) and any sales territory (regions of the United States, individual states, counties, zip codes, DMA's or discrete points based on longitude and latitude.

Custom Forecasts


Forecast data for several days in advance can be included in the product for one city. Here you see that maximum (high) and minimum (low) temperatures are included along with average (AVG), normal (NOR) and departure-from-normal (DFN) temperature values.

Custom Forecasts

Technical forecast data can be delivered in a format that's ready to be ingested into your energy load forecasting software, such as those models developed by RER-Itron, Henwood, NewEnergy and others (See our section on Energy).

Custom ForecastsCustom Forecasts

Custom Forecasts Custom Forecasts

If you're interested in a more detailed weather forecast for one or two days, WeatherBank can supply it, along with a weather discussion to give you a better understanding of pending weather events. Forecast data for any number of days in advance is also available, in addition to yesterday's (or several prior days) actual observations for verification. Products can be formatted any way you like, either as a text product, as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or any custom format.

Custom Forecasts Radar Images

Forecasts for multiple cities can be grouped together and delivered as a single product if needed.

Custom Forecasts Custom Forecasts Radar Images

Text weather discussion products are also readily available. These products are generated exclusively by WeatherBank's professional meteorologists.